Legal Notice

Article 1: registration conditions

Participants in the activities organized by the Ocean Lovers Surf School declare that they have no medical contraindications to the practice of surfing and have read the general conditions of sale and payment.

Article 2: payment of lessons

To book one (s), a 30% deposit must be paid by bank transfer to: CIC, Moutardeau Samuel Ocean Lovers Surf School . The balance of the payment is to be made before the first day of the course. The reservation is effective upon receipt of the registration form duly completed and accompanied by the deposit.

Article 3: cancellation of lessons

The Ocean Lovers Surf School reserves the right, if circumstances require it in the event of bad weather conditions (eg lack of waves, storm, pollution), and in the event of events beyond its control, to cancel his classes and postpone them. Lessons not taken by the participant will not be reimbursed except on presentation of a medical certificate. Any absence or cancellation not reported 24 hours in advance will be invoiced.

Article 4: responsibility of the school

The trainees will be supported by the school and therefore under the responsibility of the monitors. They remain under the responsibility of the instructor until the time of storing their wetsuit. The civil liability of the structure concerning its trainees ceases outside these hours, within the deadlines described above. The parents or those responsible for the trainees must ensure before entrusting the trainees to the school that the planned service takes place.

Article 5: insurance

All students are insured by Allianz which insures them for the duration of the internship. The insured status, under the Operational Liability and Professional Liability cover taken out with Allianz by Ocean Lovers Surf School, is extended to students or trainees during the time they attend lessons. It is understood that the students retain the quality of persons eligible for compensation, including for the damage they may cause to each other.

Article 6: commitment

Within the framework of the chosen formula, the school undertakes to respect the quality charter in terms of quality of reception, teaching, supervision and security. The necessary equipment (wetsuit, board, leash) will be provided to trainees during class hours. Participants are responsible for the material entrusted to them.