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Ocean Lovers Surf School invites you to discover surfing or to improve your skills in a preserved site: the Cap de l'Homy.

The school is open from April until November.

Cap de l'Homy is located on the Atlantic coast in France, in the town of Lit-et-Mixe, halfway between Bordeaux and Biarritz.

It is one of the wildest beaches on the Landes coast. An endless stretch of fine sand bordered by a pine forest.

Ocean Lovers Surf School is a committed and responsible school. Surfing is not just a simple sport: it is the bearer of fundamental values, such as respect for others and for nature.

My goal is to make you have a good time and to see you with a smile!


Your instructor

State certified instructor and ISA (international diploma)


Sam was born in the Alps but that didn't stop him from becoming a wave hunter!

For more than twenty years, from the Landes coast to the other side of the world, this surfer-adventurer has been on the lookout for "hits", eager for discoveries and new encounters.

He shares with his students his passion for the waves, his knowledge of the ocean, meteorology, and his deep respect for nature… all with a big smile!

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Surf lessons



I support you in your practice in a personalized way, whatever your level.

I offer you new challenges to help you "surpass" yourself.

I make sure of your safety , according to the weather conditions (adapted equipment, choice of waves) in order to allow you to have fun while respecting others and the ocean.

I systematically include environmental awareness , wave reading and sandbank formation in my lessons.


Classes take place every day from April to November, from sunrise to sunset, and even in the rain! (And yes, you can surf in the rain with nice waves!)

I adapt the schedules of my lessons according to the tides and the size of the waves.

The courses include:

- Supervision and coaching.
- The equipment (the surfboard depending on your level, the long or short wetsuit).
- Liability insurance

Cours de surf entre Contis et Saint Girons plage

                              Course of a surf lesson  


  The lesson lasts two hours with time to put on your wetsuit and access the surf spot  depending on the sandbanks.

A surf lesson begins with introductions and safety rules followed by a warm-up.

Then you have to learn to slide in a lying position and to position your body correctly on the board.

Then we learn to straighten up in stages in the "board foams". »

Depending on the conditions and the progress, the goal is to seek further waves that have not broken. The instructor guides you to access the offshore waves using the Baïne current. It helps you to place yourself in relation to the waves according to its breaking.

In each class there are debriefs on the sand to make corrections and take short breaks to recover. I take advantage of these moments to talk about weather, wave formation and learn to read the currents.

At the end of the course, place for the feelings of the students and the instructor. Then we go back to the truck, each student takes care to rinse his wetsuit well with fresh water.

école de Surf Océan Lovers Surf School Lit-et-Mixe

Group lessons

(1h30 in the water, 8 people max)

Children (from 6 to 12 years old)  High/Low season

  • Discovery (1 lesson):            30€ / 32€

  • Mini course (3 lessons):      85 € / 90€

  • Week course (5 lessons):    135 € / 150 €

  • Intensive (10 lessons):         250 € / 270 €


  • Discovery (1 lesson):           32 € / 35 €

  • Mini course (3 lessons):     90 € / 100 €

  • Week course (5 lessons):   145 € / 160 €

  • Intensive (10 lessons):       260 € / 290 €

School groups, works councils

  • price on request

Private lessons

(1 hour in water)

 Prices             High / Low season

  • 1 person: €80 

  • 2 people: €150 

  • 3 people: €200

Surf guide

  • price on request (I guide you in a nice lonely spot!)


Rates and Contact

Your questions

 Ocean Lovers Surf School
   40170 Lit-et-Mixe, France

Thank you for what you sent !

Cours de surf adultes Océan Atlantique

                                   meeting place  

Go to the school truck which is parked in the parking lot located on the dune near the aid station.

If you don't have a car you can access the beach with the free shuttle (July/August) or by the cycle paths. A good way to warm up before class and save the planet.

école de Surf Océan Lovers Surf School Landes


Pierre L .:

Excellent professional surf teacher.Excellent methodology based on progressive practice and integrating safety instructions ...


Eliz K .:

Sam is sharing, and it shows: attentive to his students, and good humor guaranteed. A huge thank you, I really had a great time!


Yohan D .:

Sam is really nice. He passed on to me his taste for surfing and talks about the ocean, its preservation and its safeguard with passion. Very educator, patient and available, I recommend him.

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